Shopkins – What’s All the Buzz About?


Shopkins - What's All The Buzz About?

Shopkins – What’s All the Buzz About?

As kids, we probably remember many of the collectibles that were out during our time. As time has evolved, most of the characters we grew to love disappeared and were replaced by different, newer collectibles.

These days, kids are raving over the new Shopkins collectible toys that launched in early 2013 and has been nonstop with its product production line ever since.

Shopkins – The New Kid Collectible Toys

Shopkins have recently exploded on the market and overtook a lot of the competition with their miniaturized collectible toys. Created by Moose Toys, Shopkins are plastic figurine grocery items that are 1 in x 1 in in size (about the size of a quarter).

These toys have boomed ever since their release in 2013.

Season 1 of Shopkins

When Season 1 of Shopkins released, it featured 10 characters:

· Wobbles;

· Apple Blossom;

· Mandy Candy;

· Miss Twist;

· Lippy Lips;

· Strawberry Kiss;

· Chee Zee;

· D’lish Donut

· Mini Muffin;

· Gran Jam.

Each character represents a grocery product, giving them life and personality – perfect for kids growing up.

Seasons 2 and Up

Since the release of the toy line in 2013, Moose Toys has created over 1,170 different characters for kids to collect, making the appeal even better.

In addition to releasing an overwhelming number of characters, the toy company has also launched several other lines featuring the Shopkins characters.

YouTube – Parents can now easily entertain their kids with YouTube videos of the collectibles in their latest web series. The cartoon follows the lives on the Shopkins, giving the little collectible characters more appeal for kids.With kids having access to the internet through smartphones and iPads, Shopkins has evolved their line to fit with the ever-growing market of toys. Add a few of these to your Watch List’ for your children to enjoy while you’re on the road.

You can find their YouTube channel at:–vKxbXBYt_b0lKJ0JEnw

Interactive Website – Having over 1,100 collectibles can be difficult to manage for customers. Many kids who are on a pursuit to “collect-them-all” will need to a savvy list of all the characters.

Moose Toys created an interactive website where kids can track which collectibles they own and want to own – making their pursuit even easier. This could also be useful for a future saving for your children because collectibles are known for accruing value overtime. Collecting all of them can be an asset to your children or grandchildren when the franchise ends and the value of them begins skyrocketing.

You can find the list of Shopkins’ characters at:

Accessories – Now any collectible wouldn’t be complete without the additional accessories. Since the launch of the first season, Shopkins has released an enormous number of toys and accessories. Here are a few accessories you can get:

Shopkins Tall Mall – An extendable carrying case for your Petkins, the Tall Mall offers a “Parlor” “Food Court” and “Home & Garden” section that allows you to store and play with your Shopkins. This case is great for anyone looking for an extensive storage for their child’s Shopkin addiction.

Carrying Case for Each Season – Each season has released their own set of collectibles and each one has its own “carrying case” to make it easier to store each one. It also helps you remember which season each character came from, giving you added value when they accrue value overtime.

Playsets – In general, there are dozens of playsets for you to enjoy your shopkins. Going to your local toy store, you will find an abundance – though for more acquired playsets, online shopping may be the best alternative.

Overall Shopkins Review: Good Rating

These toys bring joy to many kids lives. With the interactive videos, website and potential games associated with Shopkins, this collectible set is one that hasn’t been seen in a while. With future releases of characters, comes the opportunity for your child to continue their dream of having an entire collectible set that is continuously growing.

Giving everyday food items a face and special name may not seem like fun, but kids enjoy it and it’s one of the few toy lines that has been successfully launched with a rapid fire line that continues to grow with each passing season.

Use the website and other tools to help with getting all the collectibles. With the success of this line launching so many characters, there is value in the long-term. Why not collect them with your child and make it a fun project for the both of you?

Make the best of your Shopkins experience and get all the details on their website about the different characters and potential launches of new seasons or products.